Brand Identity

Research & Strategy


Gathering the information, reviewing and categorizing the project into digestible and actionable items.

Spending additional time to truly understand the client, the landscape of the project, the audiences, the non-negotiables, and the desired outcome.


Famous ideas down to the heart of whatever belong within all aspects of the brand.

Whether dedicated to a website or a brand message. These are the fundamental steps in building a triumphant brand voice and website.


Identifying and understanding the flow of information that user will experience; strategy & design.

Confirming that the client expectations are met with regards to the structure and scope. Within every project, a map of flow set to drive results.


Who a company, the brand is and where they came from is integral in understanding where to go next.

Proper research preceding every project engagement ensures that Famous works with clients to increase productivity and minimize budgets.


Being able to customize; we approach the client to ensure that each project is set off on the right foot.

Factoring in variables and logic to help bring the abstract ideas to fruition within design and development decisions is what we do.


Let's Work Together!

Let there be a start of something new, unique, outstanding and one of a kind.